Update from 2020. This is our archive site for our past clients. We have since relocated to different parts of the country and work independent of each other. Sunny is currently in the NY/NJ/PA area, Isha has relocated to the Pacific Northwest (Oregon/Washington/Vancouver CA area). If you are located in EITHER of those areas, you can reach out to our old contact methods listed on the site, or visit Isha's new website - www.ishakaurweiand.com for her more current work. 

About Us.

We are the brother and sister team, Satnam (Sunny) Manku & Isha K. Manku, that comprise of AISM Photography. We bring two unique backgrounds to our photography that will capture your event and bring attention to your needs. 

We want you to feel just as passionate about your photographs as we do taking them. We guarantee you will ask us at least once, "how are you guys this energetic 15 hours later?" We strive to be better than we were the last event we shoot, so our ambition to be greater will shine through. We pride ourselves on our creativity working with you. We genuinely enjoy taking your photos. We back our words with the gear, the professionalism during your shoots and our ability to remain structured.

Isha brings to the team her experience beginning when she was 15. She began taking pictures of weddings, receptions, concerts and shows within the indian community and decided a few years ago to get into business with her brother. She had a background in IT, worked as a Database Administrator for a local DC tech company until she decided to go full time AISM. 

Satnam began as a videographer under his father's tutelage. From there, he has had intimate experience documenting various events, weddings, concerts, etc. When he entered college, he grew a fondness for photography and began to do more event and concert photography. He has since found his niche! He has completed his degree in Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure Engineering with a minor in Psychology from George Mason University. 

Anything else you want to know, just ask us! 

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