Celebrating Love in All Forms

"My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together." - Desmond Tutu

In all of our years as photographers, we have seen so many different types of weddings and engagements. We've seen a Moroccan - Pakistani wedding, where two different and beautiful cultures celebrated love with so much diversity! We had never seen anything like that. Culturally, these weddings all brought a beautiful sense of togetherness, love and faith. Love is found in so many different places, who are we to judge how two people find each other and love each other! 

So, in celebration of diversity and love and faith, we chose to highlight some of our favorite interfaith couples. They come from different places, like Ginny & Ankit - both are from a small community of Indians in Kuwait and even smaller Hindu and Sikh community, but met here and fell in love. 

There is also Vik & Kamal, Vik who was originally from California and came to VA for college, met Kamal, who is from MD and was in Med School in West VA.

Liz & Jon met in NYC, and both had a beautiful Christian ceremony but they came from two different cultures, India and America. Liz's sister Teresa met her husband, Biren, and had a beautiful Christian and Hindu ceremony. 

There are so many different stories out there, but love is the one common factor between all of the epic stories. Love comes from so many different shapes and colors and sizes....whatever your story is, let love be your guide! 

Showcased Below

Ricky & Bharati | Gurpreet & Mallika | Vik & Kamal | Gurjeet & Rakesh | Liz & Jon | Teresa & Biren

Aakshi & Kunal | Manreet & Shaan| Ginny & Ankit

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