DFW: We are Coming for You!

Hi Dallas-Fort Worth! We are so excited to let you know that Isha of AISM Photography will be in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the month of June and has some free time. Here's what she had to say: 

Hi All! I'm super thrilled I get to hang out in the Dallas area in June! I've only been in winter (it actually snowed the time I was there!!!) so I'm looking forward to seeing all the fashion forward people of Dallas during summer. I did hear that the DFW area is one of the most fashionable cities of the US. I wouldn't be a very good photographer if I didn't bring my camera with me, and what a great way to learn more about a city than to photograph it and the people from there. So, lets get to know each other the only way I know how - with some fun and photos! Give me a call and lets set up a photoshoot either June 11 or June 12. I only have a few spots open! 


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